Holley LS Fest ’13

Holley, the performance company known best for it carburetors has hired Midwest Drift Union to run the drifting at their LS Festival in Bowling Green Kentucky the past couple of years. Wrecked Magazine one of our media partners had this to say about the event. http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/blog/2013/09/11/my-trip-to-ls-fest-2013-in-kentucky/ Words by Joey Redmond, see link for full article.Continue reading “Holley LS Fest ’13”

Streets Of Detroit ’13

This is what renting a historic landmark and surrounding streets to use as a racetrack looks like. 6 months of phone calls, emails, texts, and hair pulling look like. Booking a track for a track day is child’s play compared to the hurdles we jumped over to make this event happen. As you can seeContinue reading “Streets Of Detroit ’13”