Himalayan Press Launch

A few months ago I went to Texas and rode the all new Royal Enfield Himalayan at an off-road park. Flying Tiger sent me down to the launch party at the TexPlex an offroad motorcycle facility about 45 minutes south of Dallas. Here are my thoughts: “I’m a pretty novice offroad rider. That fact became very clearContinue reading “Himalayan Press Launch”

Brat Fighter: A Definition

Meet Milo, a “Brat Fighter” who has a mix of traditional brat, cafe, classic values and style but was started with a more modern platform. In it’s basic form this particular bike would be a classic European Street Fighter candidate. To effectively brat a modern Kawasaki in theory shouldn’t work and being a sportier bikeContinue reading “Brat Fighter: A Definition”

The Moment

Do you remember the exact moment when motorcycling first inspired you? It only takes a split second to ignite a passion that will endure a lifetime. I have always had toy motorcycles, especially growing up, whether they were for my G.I. Joes or Ninjas turtles to ride or just 1:10 scale models. I didn’t grow up likeContinue reading “The Moment”

Flying Tiger Motorcycles

I took on a project full time this past December and have been deep in the trenches building the Flying tiger brand. Eric does a great job building some of the cleanest and most well thought out bikes you’ll ever see. However, for as great of a builder he is, a hype man he isContinue reading “Flying Tiger Motorcycles”

Rust is Not a Crime

It all starts with Tonka trucks & Hot Wheels. It then evolves into a passion for almost anything with wheels. If you told me when I was five that I’d have driven as many different types of cars as I have by the time I was 30, I would have thought you were crazy. MoreContinue reading “Rust is Not a Crime”

Studio Time

I recently brought together two friends in a professional environment, and it was awesome. Matt has been a close friend of mine for a very long time, I actually got my start in automotive events thanks to him some 10 years ago. He has been doing these great videos giving musical artists a chance toContinue reading “Studio Time”

More Detroit Radness

Looks like the footage from our event in Detroit keeps rolling in.  This comes to us from Mike Gualdoni . While it’s not necessarily timely by any means, it’s a mixture of both the event and some of his and OMGdrift.com photographer Nick Quigley’s adventure in the Packard Plant. He’s moving to Wyoming soon to pursue a jobContinue reading “More Detroit Radness”