Himalayan Press Launch

A few months ago I went to Texas and rode the all new Royal Enfield Himalayan at an off-road park.

Flying Tiger sent me down to the launch party at the TexPlex an offroad motorcycle facility about 45 minutes south of Dallas. Here are my thoughts:
“I’m a pretty novice offroad rider. That fact became very clear the second we got to the offroad portion of the ride that I had minimum experience and had trouble trusting the motorcycle to fall into corners with loose terrain. That being said I found the bike very forgiving, more experienced riders were almost elbow deep and crossed up in the corners leaving me envious of their skill. It would be very easy to blame the bike for anything instead of my inexperience but the fact of the matter is I made the entire course without falling over, a feat not experienced by some of the press earlier in the week. According to the press I had talked to they would have expected the difficulty of track we were presented for a KTM 350 woods bike not a roadworthy mini adventure bike. I would attribute this bike to a billy goat, it will go over just about anything. I say this because with my inexperience comes a lot of rookie mistakes the pros wouldn’t have made. Mostly being in the wrong gear constantly causing the bike to lug or killing it on a steep incline with a turn. I would simply shift down into first while sitting at a 45 degree angle and let out the clutch. Purely amazing the bike just acted like it was a 4×4 put in 4 low and pulled me right out of ever mistake I had made.
On road the bike had plenty of manners, my biggest surprise was passing a Semi on the freeway at 85 mph. You read that correctly a 6 foot 250lb man passed a semi doing 85 mph on a 410cc Royal Enfield. The best part is the bike didn’t feel like it was about to shake apart or anything, it actually felt like it had way more to give but the gearing wasn’t having it. Handling, ergonomics for almost any rider of any size, smiles per gallon are all big a big plus in my book. With the low seat option the bike will be under 30 inches in seat height!!

All I can say is at  $4,499 MSRP you’d be silly not to consider a Himalayan.”



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