Rust is Not a Crime


It all starts with Tonka trucks & Hot Wheels. It then evolves into a passion for almost anything with wheels. If you told me when I was five that I’d have driven as many different types of cars as I have by the time I was 30, I would have thought you were crazy. More importantly I still find myself not jaded by the rigamarole of the industry as many can. Still just a 30 year old boy, I still get excited when I have to drive a car I’ve driven 500 times all the way to Evel Kneivels daily driver Aston Martin.


As an admin of RiNaC (Rust is NOT a Crime), obviously there is an appreciation for patina and old rusty things that still work like they should or have been made to. And in this world of clean showroom Barret Jackson style museum pieces I see on the daily grind, something stood out. In this case it was this 1953 M37 Dodge Power Wagon.


It looks like it could have been forgotten in a field somwhere after its more than probable tours of the Korean War. Luckily the parts availability isn’t as one bad as one would think as there are a couple of aftermarket companies that have kept these things on the road for years. This one shows over 400k on the clock and drives like a dream as it’s obviously been gone through mechanically very well.


I found myself taking this truck to lunch and finding any excuse to drive it. It’s a true pleasure to drive. A long time photo friend of mine, Jeff Le, mentioned he wanted to shoot after seeing it on my instagram. The obvious choice was to say, “Absolutely!” We set up a date and took it to the best place I could think of that was nearby, the old Chrysler Plant. We both figured there couldn’t be a better place for it without driving too far as it rivals one of my dreams to shoot a old Packard at the Packard Plant in Detroit.

unnamed-10 unnamed-11 unnamed-12

Jeff and I show up at the shop, show him around a bit, and then head towards the M37. He then agreed with me about how I said pictures still don’t do it justice on how perfect the patina is in person. I climbed in showed him how to start it. It fired up on the first bump after a very cold week in St. Louis and not being driven in a while. The look on Jeff’s face when it fired like a new car was outstanding.

I really hope this goes to a home that appreciates what it is already, does some parades or maybe even doing some farm work. It’s made to be driven and has too much character to do something silly like repaint it.

unnamed-23 unnamed-21 unnamed-22unnamed-7

Thanks for taking a look, and I hope you appreciate this truck as much as I do.

Ryan Harrison

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