Studio Time

I recently brought together two friends in a professional environment, and it was awesome. Matt has been a close friend of mine for a very long time, I actually got my start in automotive events thanks to him some 10 years ago. He has been doing these great videos giving musical artists a chance to get some quality videos during their studio time with him. Or as he puts it, “The Loft Sessions is a video collective of local musicians jamming and having a good time together. Based out of downtown St. Louis, Missouri, we typically get together at a loft, however, we also have live shows at local venues in which musicians, many who are complete strangers, sing and play songs together for an entertaining evening of live music.”

Marie was introduced to me through my wife Amy who works for her. We checked out one of her live shows one night and her talent was apparent. Before attending her next show I spoke with Matt about getting her on the web series, he was obviously down. We got together around 4pm and hung out for about 4 hours while filming in Downtown St. Louis Matt was even rad enough to let me play around with his new camera so pretty much all of the footage below was even shot by yours truly. Matt recorded the audio, did his editing magic, and well the rest you can see here.


The Talent: Marie Marotti
The Crew: Ryan Harrison & Matt McElwrath

Produced by Adam Reed & Matt McElwrath

Media Outlaws

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