Holley LS Fest ’13

Holley, the performance company known best for it carburetors has hired Midwest Drift Union to run the drifting at their LS Festival in Bowling Green Kentucky the past couple of years. Wrecked Magazine one of our media partners had this to say about the event.


Words by Joey Redmond, see link for full article.


If you would have told me five years ago that Holley Performance , the quintessential modified car parts company for American cars, would be throwing a drift event  I would have quickly laughed in your face. Since 2008 the advent of big lightweight engines that can make cheap power has pushed most into the swap game for a big 6.2L or larger Chevrolet LS engine. Who would of thought marketing drifting as part of their festival for the LS engine would involve BMW and Nissan cars? A few years ago that probably wasn’t something anyone thought was possible but the guys at Holley have been quick to open their company doors to drifting and product development in the sport.


The one thing that I was pretty surprised about was that more drivers didn’t take advantage of this opportunity to compete. I am really hoping that more competitors will come out next year. It is a well-run event, an astounding amount of seat time, and an audience full of stunned and animated spectators. The guys at Midwest Drift Union did a phenomenal job executing a drift event on a professional level. I am already looking forward to next year.

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